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It is very glad to inform that all of our services are no longer confined to the Bengali people. Our service fulfills the needs of the beginners, raising the confidence of all religions, people, and nations irrespective of nationality in different countries of the world. That's why we started providing services in English version along with Bengal as well as for all. Besides, we have increased the quality of services and other facilities. We hope that we can play an appropriate role in fulfilling your dreams. ### Spiritual problems, tantric services, awakening of natural energy, spiritual pursuit education, training of white and black magic, calling on the soul, communicating with the dead, avoiding bad eyesight.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Get Money (English Collected)

The Traditions

Don’t lend and don’t count your money in the evening. Borrowing of money must take place only at the time of the waxing moon when there is a natural increasing stream of astral forces and influences, and pay off a debt should on the waning moon. And better to take money by the left hand and to give by the right. All this will help to create the correct relations between you and money and necessarily will keep you from waste and losses. It is considered that if to burn three green candles every Wednesday or yellow or orange candles on Thursday, you never will be threatened with ruin. In order that not be hard up in coming year, you must enclose some paper money in an envelope and send it by post to yourself so that to receive this “monetary-letter” in next year

মহিলা/স্ত্রী/নারী/মেয়ে বশীকরণ#লোক/পূরুষ/মানুষ্য বশীকরণ বা বাধ্য করা

আমরা আজ আমাদের সার্বজনিন কিছু ভুল নিয়ে আলোচনা করবো। সাধারনত তান্ত্রিক বিষয়ে আমরা সচারাচর যে ভুল গুলো করে থাকি- আমরা অনেকেই জীবনের কোন...